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Here, we will keep you up to date with the day to day happenings at our hydrotherapy centre. Guest pictures of our canine clients (with owner approval of course!) and any special offers on our Ruffwear products.

By helencanney, Jul 18 2017 04:16PM

Three weeks ago, I was contacted by a lady who is training her 2 year old Golden Retriever as a gun dog and is getting ready to take her Gundog Club Grade 3 retriever test, her one stumbling block being the mandatory water retrieve.... In fact, she never had a problem with getting in the water - it was just what she did when she was in there! If you imagine her front legs as steam paddles then you will get the general idea. It meant she was not confident in staying afloat, was at risk of inhaling water, could not lock onto the dummy or take direction and she was scaring herself in the process. The test is in 6 weeks!

Never one to shy away from the challenge, I booked her in! She came for her initial consultation and we began - it was really just a case of teaching her to get her 'bum up' in the water. We started with the float coat and guidance from me and some precisely timed deliveries of the dummy to her, whenever her front legs were under the surface of the water. I would love to take the credit for her turn around but actually she was swimming correctly after about 4 minutes - she is such an intelligent dog, she caught on in no time and you could almost see her making the connections in her head! We had three sessions in the pool to gradually swap the float coat for a harness and build her confidence, and then this morning, we all went for a jolly to her local lake (me, just for moral support rather than in a professional capacity!!) Maisie was a superstar!

By helencanney, Jul 17 2017 01:54PM

Sharing some pictures of Echo in her swimming session - she swims for general health and fitness and to keep her mind and body active, as well as attending gun dog training classes at Paws4me - it goes to show that it is never too late - it has made such a difference to her. No pictures of the sneaky face licks which she gets in when she has a chance - next week perhaps!!

By helencanney, Apr 21 2017 02:45PM

I do have well-travelled dogs that visit me!! Cordelia comes all the way from America and I don't think she could fail to melt anyone’s heart. She is a Labrador cross and another rescue with a Femoral Head Osteotomy - although she is on her second go around! Sadly she had some regrowth of bony spurs and a lot of scar tissue which was interfering with the hip 'joint' and she had to have a second, very fiddly and complicated operation recently in the UK. In the picture above, you can see how much she offloads onto her good leg and the difference in muscle mass lower down the leg, mirroring what has happened higher up – we are aiming for these to be equal - It is essential that we build up the muscles around the hip again, in order to stabilise it and enable her to lead a normal ‘4 legged’ life. Luckily for all of us, Cordelia loves swimming! She is keen as mustard and in fact, has to mostly carry, rather that follow or retrieve her toy, as it is just too exciting for her this early on in her treatment! She is getting braver about her pre and post swim showers and is just a joy to treat. The photo's were taken today during and after her third session and she is having a sneaky treat to keep her still! Look out for a follow up blog post about her in the future, to see the progress she makes.

By helencanney, Mar 10 2017 09:08AM

Although Pablo should by rights speak with a strong Yorkshire accent.... he is in fact a rescue dog who originates from Spain! He hasn't let the language barrier hold him back though and is a proper big dog in a little body! He hasn't had the easiest of lives and was born with a deformity of the hip joint - as such he had a femoral head and neck excision just before he arrived in England. Because he made it to 9 years old before having his surgery, he has a curvature of the spine and severe muscle wastage, likely from carrying his deformed leg for most of his life. Pablo is 4 weeks into his hydrotherapy and already we are seeing great improvements from week to week. When he first came, he was severely underweight, his teeth were hanging on for dear life (most of which have since been removed) and he was only occasionally placing his right hind leg to the ground, with very little weight bearing. Not only is Pablo gaining weight and muscle, thanks to the fantastic care and attention he has received from his owners and the Vets at the Woolpack, he is also beginning to weight bear for a large percentage of the time (unless he is haring around with his doggy friends at home and not concentrating - we are working on that!) It is fantastic seeing the improvements that he makes from week to week and we are looking forward to many more to come.

By helencanney, Dec 8 2016 12:56PM

One of the best things about Hydrotherapy is that it constantly surprises you - Molly is a 6yr old Labrador who suffers from the genetic condition, centronuclear myopathy (CNM). The condition shows itself as a generalized muscle weakness and some difficulty eating - unfortunately it is not something that can be overcome or cured and she has a limited capacity for exercise, needing regular breaks. She has a happy, outgoing and loving personality and it is heart-breaking that she is hampered by this condition.

Molly and swimming go together like peas in a pod and from the moment she gets in the pool, she is channelling Dory (Just keep swimming.....just keep swimming...!). She has to be monitored closely as she can quickly over exert herself and end up very wobbly on her hind legs when she is finished!

The great news to report though, is that she has been able to jump on the sofa several times now! Prior to hydrotherapy she has always needed a hand up. Apparently she gets on and then looks around as if she is saying whoops....am I meant to be up here?! It seems like such a small thing to most dog owners, but for Molly, it is a great achievement and we are all very proud of her.

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